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Have you been unsuccessful in finding an honest Pakistani cargo service to ship your goods to Pakistan from the UK? Do you really want to ensure your cargo is delivered to your provided address in Pakistan in its original condition? Were you misled and billed for illegal custom charges with the earlier Pakistan door to door cargo companies in the UK? Don’t give up on yourself. Though earlier, it had been tough to get Pakistani custom clearance because of complicated rules, at this point Shipping to Pakistan from UK is no more challenging if it’s delivered by a professional Pakistani cargo service. We’re here to make your shipment easier and more affordable from the UK. Our company offers door-to-door shipping services from the UK to Pakistan. Our Pakistan cargo services are designed with nationwide pickup services in the UK. Whether you’re shipping household items to a relative or you’re delivering a commercial bundle to a Pakistan-based company, Speedy cargo can assist you to send your goods from the UK to anywhere in Pakistan. All of our shipping and delivery services start with a complimentary estimate. Our competitive quotes are supported by quality services. We have options for shipping a whole house, furniture, or just a safe. In accordance with your budget and needs, you can easily ship to Pakistan by sea or by air.

We also offer electronic shipments to Pakistan, including TVs, LCD, LED, fridge, washing machine and even laptops and mobiles. Unless specified and agreed upon beforehand, all of our Pakistani cargo services are fully customs cleared. Our services include packing, shipping, clearance, and delivery. Your goods will be picked up and delivered conveniently from your doorstep in the UK to anywhere in Pakistan by our professional cargo team. We have a successful track record of converting first-time customers into lifetime customers once they have experienced Speedy Cargo’s professional cargo to Pakistan service. We’re optimistic that you could be our next success story. So if you need a shipment to be delivered from UK to Pakistan, look no further and contact us.

What we offer

Air Cargo

Known as air freight, or air cargo, it is the most secure and efficient way to transport valuables across the world. As per IATA report, air cargo annually carries over US $6 trillion worth of goods, which is even slightly more than UK GDP (2.829 trillion USD). In other words, air cargo accounts for roughly 35% of world trade. Air cargo to Pakistan from the UK is the most efficient option if you want a much quicker transit for your bags. It is also highly recommended for transporting sensitive items such as food, electronic gadgets, pharmaceuticals, jewellery, documents, precious metals, pets, and animals. Even so, air cargo is more expensive than sea cargo. However, considering the fact that we have been the leading consolidators for air cargo to Pakistan from the UK, we can offer economical rates for air shipping. When it comes to air cargo, you can even send a lot less weight than sea cargo. In most situations, our air cargo leaves three times a week.

Door to Door

A door to door service is a delivery service that delivers packages to the doorstep of the given address. In recent times, with the booming of e-commerce, door to door services have improved. Today, we acknowledge that in terms of our revenue, door to door delivery service is our biggest shareholder. Regardless of the type of shipment you are planning to ship from Uk to Pakistan, it can be delivered door-to-door via air cargo and sea shipping. It is our aim to make the whole door-to-door process as painless and easy as possible for our clients. On the plus side, our door to door service is being offered in the UK and Pakistan as well. Regardless of whether you need to deliver your shipment from Manchester to Azad Kashmir or London to Karachi, we have the experience and expertise to ensure your cargo gets to your address without unnecessary expenditures or difficulties. In simple words, with our door to door service, we can pick your goods from anywhere in the UK and ship to any desired destination throughout Pakistan.

Custom Clearnce

Customs clearance is an essential process before goods can be delivered in the country. If the shipment package is cleared, then the transporter will give you paperwork validating customs duties that have been paid and the shipment can be processed. Pakistani customs is a miserable organization in many cases, as importers frequently encounter a myriad of complications with Pakistani customs agencies due to complicated regulations. It happens from time to time that cargo shipments are held up for approval for an extended period of time. We are aware of these issues. Our customs clearance service in the UK has helped our Pakistani clients to handle their cargo efficiently in all aspects. We are aware of these issues. Our UK customs clearance service has been utilized by many Pakistani clients to handle their cargo efficiently in all aspects. We will take care of all port and customs procedures on behalf of our clients. We offer customs clearance for all shipments, including air cargo, sea cargo and port-to-port. Once we complete customs clearance, your courier will dispatch from customs to the end-destination.

Sea Cargo

Despite the fact that sea transportation is slower than air cargo, it is widely used because it is inexpensive. It is primarily designed for relocating non-perishable products in large volumes. Based on an estimate, around 90% of shipping between continents is carried by sea. Due to the fact that the cost of sea transportation for long distances such as between Pakistan and the UK is pretty easy on the wallet, almost anyone can afford it. There are two common options for sea cargo: FCL and LCL. Fortunately, our company offers both FCL and LCL. If you are moving back to Pakistan or have enormous items to send from the UK to Pakistan in bulk, FCL would be a wise option. Full container load (FCL) means the entire shipment will be delivered within the container and belongs to you only. If you don't have sufficient belongings to occupy a whole container, less than container load (LCL) will undoubtedly be a sensible choice.

Port to Port

Firstly, port-to-port shipping isn't the same as door-to-door shipping since port-to-port cargo does not involve transportation from your address in the UK to the loading port. Consequently, upon arrival in Pakistan, the shipping of the products to your desired destination in Pakistan is not included. It involves moving cargo in shipping containers from one port to another. Currently, Pakistan has three port facilities with a capacity of over one million cubic meters: Port Qasim and Karachi Port have been operating for over decades while Gwadar Port has just commenced operations. Although the UK has 120 commercial ports, over 65% of the country's container trade is handled by the ports of Felixstowe and Immingham. We can ship your container from any UK port to any Pakistan port. Additionally, the proper paperwork and shipment documents have to be submitted by the respective client to customs authorities at the port prior to being cleared to collect your cargo.


While it is true that one can pack stuff himself, packing and unpacking is often a cumbersome and stressful task. There is also no comparison between DIY packing and professional packing services when it comes to packing. Let Speedy Cargo do the hard work for you and take the inconvenience out of your life. We will protect your valuables with advanced packaging materials and techniques that will keep them safe. So, you should not risk damaging your possessions yourself because it can lead to poor quality packing materials. You can trust Speedy Cargo to take care of everything for you. The Speedy Cargo team will pack everything securely and correctly. Pakistan Cargo is a convenient packing service built to help you save effort and time. Our veteran packers can wrap your possessions more quickly while insuring everything is handled following all safety procedures. If Speedy cargo is packing your precious items, antiques or simply sensitive collectibles, Speedy cargo adds an additional coating of bubble wrap and wrap. The crates are packed using a method for packing. Fortunately, Speedy Cargo's knowledgeable team are experienced in the sophisticated art of fragile packing.

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